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Cellular Engineer (5GNR/LTE) – Product Field Testing of Smartphones/Devices

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Cupertino, CA
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Consumer Devices
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Cellular Engineer (5GNR/LTE) – Product Field Testing of Smartphones/Devices


You will be driven to local and non-local in short notice to test Cellular connectivity of nex-gen smartphones and devices (4 days in the field, 1 day in the lab per work week)

You will travel to testing locations up to 1 hour away for the entire day, up to 4 days out of the week. Transportation/Driver will be provided.

You will communicate if there is a technical issue and have strong fundamental skills and judgement skills

You will judge the testing/data and should be able to move forward without asking for help and be able to adapt quickly

Not necessarily looking for experts, but candidates with 1-5 years’ experience with developed fundamental skills

Strong analytical skills/good at identifying problems (should be able to judge testing conditions/if testing is going well and how to move forward with the next step instead of constantly calling for help)

Able to report back with data, describe technical problems and are easily adaptable

If the candidate is not an expert, you will get trained as long as you have fundamental knowledge in wireless domains (LTE, 5GNR)


1-5 years of experience in cellular field testing or cellular QA testing

Knowledge in cellular domain wireless with basic to good understanding in 5GNR and LTE protocol stack

Experience troubleshooting common technical setup issues in the field

Cellular baseband Log analysis is required with limited to good hands-on experience

Experience looking at cellular log for on-field debugging

Good analytical skills and judgement while executing test campaigns

Ability to quickly adapt and learn

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Must be detail oriented and focused on problem identification

Able to travel local and non-local in short notice

Locations: Cupertino CA (onsite)

Duration: 18-36 months

Contact Information

Mario Ruiz

408.550.2800 x105