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JavaScript, React Front End Web Application Developer for Global Device Company in Cupertino, CA

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Cupertino, CA
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Consumer Devices
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JavaScript, React Front End Web Application Developer for Global Device Company in Cupertino, CA.


• You will assist in the development of a highly interactive and modular web-based applications with excellent user experience.

• Must have fluency in the understanding of ES6 JavaScript Modules and React lifecycle methods with the ability to release bug-free, complex, internal-facing projects under demanding timelines.


• Responsible for application development to improve management and scalability of factory test platforms worldwide.

• Develop features and functionality to maintain and improve existing applications and integrated systems by consuming server-side JSON restful services.

• Build extensible and reusable JavaScript UI libraries and components.

• Use established development tools, guidelines, and conventions including but not limited to React, TypeScript, and Javascript.

• Participate in code reviews of pull requests, and lead by example in following best practices and accepting review feedback graciously.

• Engage with users to drive requirements, and within the multi-functional team to determine technical specifications. Anticipate and plan for the corner cases and error handling.

• Independently prioritize and forecast different tasks, with a proven track record of timely execution, and an eye toward minimizing technical debt from the beginning.

• Highlight and strive to work around any issues as they arise.

• Perform complete testing of application — unit and system.

• Test, verify, and support your code from development through user acceptance testing and into production.

• Debug and root cause reported issues.

• You are thoughtful, consistent, and committed to bringing your ideas to the team.

• You have the ability to work well in a collaborative, inclusive, highly multi- functional environment.


• 2+ years of strong professional experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model using ES6 best practices.

• Thorough understanding of React (w/ Hooks) and its core principles.

• Proficient in CSS including preprocessors like SASS and modern CSS-in- JS approaches like Styled Components.

• Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.

• Experience in or willingness to learn widely used React state management tools like Flux, Redux, Thunks or Sagas.

• Good understanding of server-side rendering, virtual DOM, performance optimization and browser debugging.

• Experience with RESTful API’s and JSON API 1.0 spec.

Desired Skillsets:

• Experience with microservices architecture.

• Experience using Docker, Kubernetes.

• Familiarity with a testing framework (Jest/Mocha/Jasmine)

• Familiarity with MERN/PERN and related Scaffolding tools.

Location: Cupertino, CA

Duration: 6-12+ months

Submit resumes to

Tony Do

408.550.2800 x115


Contact Information

Tony Do

408.550.2800 x115