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Python Test Automation, Framework Engineer for a growing Robotics Start-up Company in San Jose, CA

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San Jose, CA
Pay Rate / Compensation
Contract, Fulltime
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Python Test Automation, Framework Engineer for a growing Robotics Start-up Company in San Jose, CA

We are creating a robotics platform with reach from commercial and retail applications to the cloud..

• Give direction in creating a thorough QA process that ensures a reliable, quality software product, and ties together testing processes and capabilities, while also contributing to the testing infrastructure itself.
• Guiding QA projects and using both existing expertise and newly gained knowledge to help implement QA and testing needs.
• Plan out and write out the sanity (release certification test), integration, and regression tests
• Work on a cross functional team running cloud based, web based, and software itself in robots

Must Have
• 5+ years of QA or automation engineering experience
• 2+ years of Senior QA engineering experience, responsible for infrastructure/process decisions.
• Applied knowledge of Python or C++ in a Linux Environment
• Experience developing automation scripts for testing new features, and continual expansion on regression test cases
• Experience building and maintaining test environments
• Experience with Git or similar version control system
• experience designing and implementing automated testing processes and infrastructure
• Planned out and built a test suite with automation first philosophy (test to developers for immediate feedback to integration test)

• Experience with JavaScript
• Experience with Ansible, and similar tools
• Experience with Docker, and other containers
• Experience with AWS and cloud hosted services
• Development operation experience
• Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS)
• Experience with hardware in the loop testing
• DevOps Background

Location: San Jose
Type: Full time

Contact Information

Sandra Montes
408.550.2800 x108