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Senior Embedded Software Algorithms Engineer (Contract) in Sunnyvale, CA

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Sunnyvale, CA
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Consumer Devices
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In this position, you will work with the perception software team in developing and optimizing perception algorithms on embedded platforms and on cloud. Improving framework to enhance test coverage, visualization tools, code deployment, and performance analysis and optimizations.

• Design, implement, integrate, and validate computer vision algorithms in C++.
• Analysis and optimization of the perception software stack for GPU, ARM, DSP or similar architectures.
• Design and Develop framework tools to increase code coverage, unit test cases, and metrics collection.
• Create visualizations and data comparison tools that help other engineers gain key insight from a large collection of test results.
• Deploying Deep learning models in cloud platforms like Google cloud, AWS and on the edge device.

Must have Skillsets:
• Strong programming skills in C++ (5+ years) and Python (5+ years).
• Experience with GPU programming platforms like CUDA.
• Experience with OpenGL and visualization frameworks in C++.
• Strong experience with source code practices like git, repo, and code reviews.
• Experience working with and maintaining large code bases.
• Knowledge deploying docker containers.
• Experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS).
• Experience working with geometry data and spatial data structures.
• BS in Computer Science or equivalent required.

Desirable Skillsets:
• Masters in Computer Science or equivalent is preferred

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Type: Contract

Duration: 6-12+ months.

Alan Bui



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Alan Bui