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Senior RTOS C++ Applications Engineer (Platform Team) for a HOT Autonomous AI Software startup in Palo Alto, CA

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Palo A;to, CA
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You will get to work on an enterprise grade C++ framework for autonomous driving, solve challenging real time issues for autonomous vehicles, and get hands on experience with the entire autonomous driving stack from the hardware, operating system, middleware and applications.

You will help learn and write production level code according to the ISO 26262 certification process.

• Work on the real time technology stack
• Configure and compile custom Linux distributions with RT-Preempt kernel
• Profile and optimize network stack for low jitter and high throughput
• Debug device drivers, create board support packages (BSP)
• Profile and optimize programs written as C++ applications
• Port C++ applications to QNX
• Build and deploy Linux and QNX images on target systems

Required Skillsets
• Solid experience with RTOS (ie. Linux RT-Preempt, QNX, VxWorks, or eMCOS)
• Excellent knowledge of Unix kernel: memory handling, schedulers, logging, synchronization, network stack
• Solid C/C++ skills
• Software debugging skills (ie. unit tests, GNU Debugger)
• Multithreading application experience
• Linux tracing experience
• Very good knowledge of the gcc compiler

Desirable Skillsets
• Additional experience with GPU or FPGA or proprietary in-house accelerators is a plus

Location: Palo Alto, CA (remote work available)

Type: Full-time

Contact Information

Keon Paulino

408.550.2800 x113