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Senior Software & Hardware Test Design Lead for New Embedded Products in Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas
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Consumer Devices
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Senior Software & Hardware Test Design Lead for New Embedded Products in Austin, Texas

• Tracking test solution end to end for the project
• Great understanding of SW Design and Architecture
• Strong knowledge of Board and System development
• Ability to manage and take ownership of 10+ Test Stations (HW/SW)
• Fully understand test ecosystem
• Assembly process
• Test instrumentation
• Diagnostics
• Infrastructure & Process control
• Logistics
• Test line optimization and scalability
• New Product Process
• Contact window for EE/EPM/OPsTE
• Technical Program Management experience desired

• Fully understand internal process to make the best judgement for
• Resource allocation
• Test line readiness
• Highlight critical paths
• Material/Fixture/EQ Validation plan for each build.

Coordination & Initiatives
• Lead/host the dry run, regression, build status meetings
• Driving the internal cross functional team cooperation

• Fluent English in speaking, listening, reading and writing.
• Knowing the technologies which apply to each station
• Executives Review Presentation
• Spontaneous response to TDLs

• Executive summary
• Consolidate and make sure the data integrity of the key fall-out, root cause report from entire line.
• Yield bridge documentation
• Consolidate all station bring-up status and results

Weekly Reporting
• DRI or Vendor PM will provide accurate and complete account of activities through VMT (Vendor Management Tool).
• Invoices should be sent in a timely manner. OK2Pay based on above reported work activities.

Deliverables include
• Update station overlays as new software bundle becomes available.
• Create Radar components to track test plan and test images.
• Validate latest image, software bundle and test commands work as expected before releasing the updated overlay to the factory.
• Screen station failures; debug station software/hardware related failures so that no false fails are caused by station problems.
• Verify overlay validation results.
• Train fixture vendor and CM on station FA steps.
• Review/approve fixture vendor hardware/software design.
• Coordinate logistics for fixture vendors, CM and Client. These include, but not limited to: release appropriate Clients product document to fixture vendor, manage fixture delivery schedule, manage vendor access list to CM and other facilities.

Other Requirements and Clarifications (All Dates Subject to Change):
• To support the above task, we will need a full time engineer who is experienced in SW, HW, fixture design and project management

Some critical features need to be tested in the factory before it can be released for production use.
• All software will be checked into Client’s source control database.

Support ongoing builds and MP products

Deliverables include:
• Create Radar components to track test flow control issues
• Train CM TDLs on TDL regular reports during the build.
• Communicate with CM station DRIs for daily station readiness track.

Location: Austin, TX

Duration: 12+ months

Contact Information

Keon Paulino

408.550.2800 x113