People Are Our Business

Our business is people: people with ideas, people who think in new ways, people with the ability to look at technical problems “inside out” in order to find innovative solutions. OSI has access to the brightest, most talented and most diverse group of people in the industry. We specialize in engineers - creators of the ideas that change the world.

Dynamic market conditions dictate that you need to identify and secure top quality technology talent in short order. Sometimes that means a single person, sometimes it means a whole team. We have the tech know-how to find the right engineer or build a winning team that can start delivering results with minimal ramp-up time. From contract positions to career placements, we’ll find the skilled, strategic player(s) that add value and help you stay ahead of the curve.

The right skill set is key to a flexible, efficient workforce. OSI helps you achieve business goals and meet time to market demands by identifying and placing the skilled engineers you need. Our depth of industry knowledge ensures we'll find the right talent for your project and company culture.

With speed to market as a critical component to success, your company has no time to waste when searching for top tech talent. At OSI we apply our knowledge of engineering to your overall business and the project in particular. We identify the right professionals to solve problems and drive your initiatives forward.

Do you have the next disruptive game-changing tech idea? Do you need an entire team of engineers and developers to bring it to market? We can help. We specialize in building efficient, comprehensive teams by the project or technology. We've done it for some of the most innovative and admired companies in the country, and we can do it for you.

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