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We are OSI Engineering

We guide you from what’s now to your next innovations. By connecting our unmatched talent acquisition capabilities with your vision, we deliver unmatched competitive advantages that rapidly scale and drive your business forward.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Javier Diaz

Javier Diaz

Product Development Services

Javier co-founded OSI Engineering with a vision of providing leading global technology companies the innovation power to deliver the products and solutions that empower today’s digital age. He has established the firm’s 25-year reputation of providing leading Technology Workforce Solutions to some of the world’s most recognized companies that include start-ups and Forbes 100 Companies. Javier is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion and is committed to bringing these vital assets to OSI’s clients to further foster innovation.
Javier serves as a mentor to Stanford University’s Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) Entrepreneurship Initiative and is a member of HITEC (Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council).

Odi Banuelos

Odi Banuelos

Engineering Recruiting Services

Odi is co-founder of OSI Engineering and brings more than 20+ years of experience in professional recruiting in the high-technology arena. He brings a unique mix of technical knowledge and business acumen including, the ability to build deep relationships across OSI’s client organization that includes the vital business functions of HR, Engineering Management, and C-suite. Always leading with diversity, which is foundational to delivering on OSI’s promise, his diverse expertise in sourcing, recruiting as well as in developing highly-skilled Engineers, Managers, and Project Managers has enabled some of the world’s leading companies to achieve their innovation goals.

When you lead with diversity, success naturally follows.

We believe that diversity is essential to our business success as well as that of our clients. It not only allows us to perform and deliver at our best, but also enables our clients to achieve their most vital ambitions. Together, we can:

  • Drive innovation
  • Create new possibilities
  • Propel business growth

By ensuring that future technology is built with the power of diversity, we also help create the workplace of the future. One in which everyone participates and shares in the success.

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Why does diversity matter? Because it drives innovation that leads to financial success.

Increased diversity delivers the products of tomorrow which in turn leads to better financial performance. It’s not just theory; diversity has been proven to lead to increased profitability. And, beyond that, it also leads to greater resilience.

Promoting diversity is just good business sense. Making it part of company culture builds teams capable of amazing innovation.

What Sets Us Apart

It starts with our people.

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Diversity Everywhere. Inclusion for Everyone.

We strive to create inclusive and equitable environments. A place where all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability. We are firmly committed to being a nondiscriminatory company and provide equal opportunity for employment and advancement across the organization. It is why we work to ensure all voices are valued and heard every day. When our people and our company puts diversity and inclusion first at the forefront, we thrive and deliver our best service to our community, the business world, and society overall.

Take the Pledge. Help One Person. Please.

We ask that every person in every company we touch take The Multiplier Effect Pledge to sponsor one person that someday will change the future. Mentor the next generation and challenge peers to do the same. It might take some time from our busy schedules, but it’s for the greater good.

Mentoring creates more opportunities for our own company. We know that OSI’s success will be exponentially increased if, by achieving it, we improve the world in which we all live.

Move Fast, Make Things Better.

Our Technical Expertise At Your Service

You’re moving fast. You’re creating things the world has never seen. You’re innovating the products that are going to change the world. You don’t have time to teach your talent partner your job.

At OSI, we’re already up to speed. Our recruiting and staffing experience in the tech sector gives you the resources you need to quickly get the right engineering talent.

Staffing should never slow you down. Our technical expertise is here to turbocharge your future.

The OSI Engineering talent network is here for you. So, let’s talk about the future.

Let’s Talk About The Future

The OSI Engineering talent network is where the future is built. Let’s make a connection.

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