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Contract Staffing and Placement Services

You’re changing the world. We’ll handle the recruiting.

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Hire the Best Talent. Drive Results Quickly.

OSI has a global network of professional talent to meet your project needs, deliverables or milestones.

You will have access to expert resources to hit the ground running, with minimal ramp-up time and provide immediate results. We know your technology and we have the right talent to bring your projects to market.

The shortage of experts shouldn’t slow down your business goals. We can immediately deploy our experts to meet your projects deadlines or overcome your technical challenges.


We’ll meet with your stakeholders to understand your technology, and resource requirements.


Our expert talent will get to work and provide immediate impact and results.

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High quality talent will increase savings, meet your deliverable objectives and save time.

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A global FinTech company with many high stakes recruitment needs

The client offers a comprehensive suite of personal finance tools. They rely on the latest technology and tools to build high-quality applications that helps millions of users to manage their personal finances.

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We have the technology experts to scale your team

You might need an expert or an entire team. No matter the case, we’ll take the hardest part of recruiting off your hands.

How? Using our time tested methods and strategies we’ve created that have the track-record to prove it.

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Understanding of Your Technology

We’ve recruited and placed talent for some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the world. Our technological expertise allows us to understand your needs with minimal to no ramp-up time.

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Network of Hard-to-Find Talent

We have a network of contractor talent all around the world. Our commitment to diversity means we have the broadest pool of experts to solve your technology challenges.

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Knowledge of Candidate Experience

When staffing a role, you want to go beyond the resume. We actually get to know our candidates — their actual experience, their talents, and their passion. It’s how we make a match.

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What kind of talent do we have in our network? Only the most qualified.

You have a project. You have end goals. You need to focus on the outcome — that’s why your outcome is our sole mission. We have the best and diverse talent around the world to get you across the finish line.

Matching global technology to global talent is how we’ve built our business. We bring that dedication to your needs.

“They deeply understand our technical project and provide a pipeline of strong candidates.

OSI supported us in closing several positions in my software organization during the last couple of years. They are always prompt and responsive and were able to quickly fill our positions with exceptional talent. OS is a solid partner throughout our hiring process.”

– Director of Software — Cisco

Want the best available talent to meet your project demands?

We have them. We’ll help make your project a success.

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