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We know technology. We’ll find you the right talent.

Your projects are changing the world. You want to be matched with team members who have the skills and the knowledge to hit the ground running.

That takes more than reading a resume. That takes a recruiting team who actually understands your projects and knows how to find the best possible candidates. Tech is in our DNA. Because we get to know our candidates, we know who will help you succeed. It’s how our technical expertise makes your projects a success.

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Embedded Systems and Firmware Development ›

  • Embedded System Development
  • Embedded Chip and Board Bring Up, Porting Development
  • Board Support Packages Development
  • Embedded Build Environments Development
  • Embedded Applications Development
  • Embedded Linux Development
  • Firmware Development
  • Power Management
  • Linux Kernal Development
  • Device Driver Development

Product Innovations ›

  • Robotics Development
  • Self-Driving Vehicles Development
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Design
  • Quantum Computing Development
  • Nanotechnology Development
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Development
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision Development
  • Smart Clothing Development
  • Neural Interfaces Design
  • Biometric Technology Development
  • Holographic Displays Design

Visual and UX Design ›

  • UI Design – User Interface Design
  • UX Design – User Experience Design
  • Visual Designers and Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • User Experience Research
  • Web Design and Web Production
  • Interactive Art Direction
  • UI/UX Architecture and Direction
  • Digital and Product Design


Software and Test Development ›

  • DevOps Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Desktop Applications
  • Linux and
  • Windows System Development
  • Backend Development
  • Build Release Engineering
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Database Development
  • Data Engineering and Architecture
  • Data Modeling and Analysis
  • Microservices
  • API Development
  • Algorithm Business Logic Development
  • Tool Development

Hardware Design ›

  • ASIC and FPGA Architecture
  • ASIC/FPG Design and Verification
  • Logic Design, Model Simulation, Signal Integrity
  • Synthesis, Timing Analysis, Signal Integrity, Logic Design
  • Embedded Processors, DVT, PLL DFT, Internal Scan
  • Board Level Design and Board Level Verification
  • RF, Analog, Digital Analog,
  • Physical Design, IC Layout, Floor Planning
  • Mixed Signal, Digital/Analog CMOS, BICMOS

Automobile Development ›

  • Automobile Software Platforms and System Development
  • Embedded Software Systems
  • Infotainment Development
  • Automobile Application Development
  • Camera and Sensor Development
  • Computer Visions, Image Processing and Machine Learning
  • Speech Recognition and Human Simulation
  • Navigation System Development
  • Vehicle CAN Bus Protocol Development
  • Power Systems and Electronics
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Mobile Development ›

  • Android Framework and Application Development
  • iOS Framework and Applications Development
  • Windows Framework and Applications Development
  • Mobile Test Development
  • SDK/NDK API Development
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, CDMA Development
  • System Library Development
  • Power Management
  • Web Services API Development
  • Security Development

Networking ›

  • Layer 2 – Layer 4 Development
  • MAC/PHY Development
  • Protocol/Packet Forwarding Development
  • TCP/IP Stack
  • Routing, Switching, Ethernet, OSPF, BGP
  • WLAN, WAN LAN Cellular, GSM/GPRS
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, WiMax, Zigbee Development
  • Cellular, GSM/GPRS, Video, Audio RTP/SIP
  • IPSec, VPNs, Firewall and Security, Server Load Balancing
  • Network, System Administrators and Test Development

Cloud Solutions ›

  • Amazon Web Services – AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud – GCP
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Hosted Private Cloud
  • Cloud Solution Architecture

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Products that win in the global market are developed by diverse teams, and building those teams is our purpose. When you focus on the outcome, diversity follows

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