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Payroll Service Solutions

Your company needs talent quickly. We’ll deliver compliant payroll solutions.

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OSI Payroll Service and Solutions are Fast, Easy & Reliable

We focus on payrolling your contingent talent, so you can stay focused on your work.

We manage the entire life cycle of your contingent workforce, remove the responsibilities of being the employer on record, quick and compliant onboarding, timekeeping, invoicing, and offboarding.

Our payroll service and solutions will save you time and administrative tasks associated with onboarding and offboarding talent, mitigate risks and reduces overall contingent workforce costs.

Payrolling your Contingent Workforce Should not be Complicated

Do you have pre-identified contingent workers that you have sourced? We will take ownership of the entire hiring process, remove your overhead of hiring new employees and enhance your payrolled talent experience.

We’ll optimize payroll services and solutions by implementing efficient processes that is customized to your organization, resulting in quality contigent workforce faster, and get them working.


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We make recommendations and customize a payroll program for your specific needs and requirements.

Risk and Compliance

We’ll be the employer on record. Implement a compliance program to mitigate risk and protect your organization.

Cost Savings

We’ll pay for hiring costs, worker’s compensation, insurance and benefits, so you can stay focused on your work.

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Once they’re onboarded, it’s time to deliver. Our Payroll and HR strategies makes this a quick and smooth process.

They go the extra distance to understand what you are looking for in a candidate.

OSI helps me hire great talent for my team. OSI is responsive and very personable.  Most importantly, OSI has been a source of great talent for us and they are the only supplier that I work with. I know I am going to give them a call anytime I have a hiring need!”

– Senior Software Engineering Manager — PayPal

Need to Payroll Your Contingent Workforce? We do it Quickly.

You have a project. You have end goals. You need to focus on the outcome — that’s why your outcome is our sole mission. It’s how we payroll the best talent around the world.

Diverse talent leads to great outcomes. Matching global tech to global talent is how we’ve built our business. We bring that dedication to your outsourced payroll process.

Outsource Your Payroll. Bring In Success.

Want to take the cost and burden of payrolling your contingent workforce off your shoulders? Put it on ours. We’ll help make your project a success.

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