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Full-Time Staffing and Placement Services

You’re changing the world. We’ll handle the recruiting.

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Find the Best Full-Time Engineering Talent. Hire Them Quickly. Get To Work.

We make hiring more streamlined and less costly. We know your technology. We know where the talent, resources, experience, and expertise to bring your projects to market.

Recruiting shouldn’t delay your plans. We’ll get hard-to-find candidates, vet them, and get them aboard and working.


We’ll meet with your stakeholders to understand your technology, work culture and resource requirements.


Our recruiting experts will source and identify the higher quality candidates quickly.

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Once they’re hired, it’s time to get to work. Our technical expertise and HR strategies makes this a quick and smooth process.

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Take The Pressure Off Recruiting

You might be recruiting for one project or a global network of teams. No matter the case, we’ll take the hardest part of recruiting off your hands.

How? Using our time tested methods and strategies that have delivered a track-record of success.

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“Hands down the best firm in the Silicon Valley.

OSI is my go-to recruiting firm. The team is professional and very responsive. They have found numerous qualified candidates in a very competitive market and are always up to the challenge. Unlike the national recruiting firms I’ve used, OSI works diligently to provide timely access to qualified, pre-screened candidates that are prepared and ready to interview. “

– VP of Engineering — Asurion

Up-to-Date Knowledge of Candidate Expectations

Salary. Benefits. PTO. Training. Mentorship. Leadership. Every candidate has unique expectations, and follows broad trends. We know them all, so no time is wasted.

Knowledge of Candidate Experience

When staffing a role, you want to go beyond the resume. We actually get to know our candidates — their actual experience, their talents, and their passion. It’s how we make a match.

Network of Hard-to-Find Talent

We have a network of talent all around the world. Our commitment to diversity means we have the broadest pool of candidates for every position you need filled.

Understanding of Your Technology

We’ve recruited and placed talent for some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the world. Our technological expertise allows us to understand your needs with minimal to no ramp-up time.

What kind of people do we find? Only the most qualified.

You have a project. You have end goals. You need to focus on the outcome — that’s why your outcome is our sole mission. It’s how we find the best talent around the world.

We lead with diversity to ensure your outcomes. Matching global tech to global talent is how we’ve built our business. We bring that dedication to your outsourced recruiting process.

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Outsource Your Full-Time Engineering Recruiting Effort. Bring In Success.

Want to take the cost and burden of recruiting off your shoulders? Put it on ours. We’ll help make your project a success.

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