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We’re a technology employment agency and can connect you to the projects that drive the future. Be part of the OSI Engineering network.

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Do Something Amazing. Help Invent the Future. Change the World.

What’s your dream engineering job? What kind of projects inspire you? What teams and companies will help you reach your full potential?

No matter where you are in your engineering career, OSI Engineering can connect you with the opportunities that drive you. We work with the top technology and engineering companies in the world. Whether you want full time work, contract-to-hire, or temporary engagements, we’ve got you covered.

“The OSI team is terrific, they landed me a great software developer role and I get to work from home. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to work in the tech industry.”

– B. Mendes, Senior Software Developer — Cisco
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A Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is not a buzzword. Diversity is not a slogan. Diversity is who we are and part of everything we do.

Success comes from teams that have a diversity of ideas, of backgrounds, of knowledge, and of experience. At OSI Engineering, we’re built on a commitment to diversity. As a Minority-Owned Business, we know that talent comes from everywhere, and we’re committed to helping talent find the work that’s right for them.

“OSI is very quick to provide fantastic programming opportunities. The team was very helpful in getting product insights, and the position perfectly matched me. They were professional throughout the entire interview process.”

– M. Choudhury, Senior DevOps Engineer — Samsung

Some of the Top Companies in the World are Looking for you

Here’s what happens when you work with the best technology employment partner.

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Connection to the best opportunities

A knowledgeable industry recruiter who gets to know you

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Full interview prep with a rundown on stakeholders

Post-interview advice and recommendations

“I was laid off during the pandemic and reached out to OSI. They understood my technical skills and listened to my interests. They aligned me with a great career and made the process simple.”

– S. Jenkins, Senior Technical Program Manager — Amazon

Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Engineering Career Opportunities

Maybe the role wasn’t the right fit. Maybe you aren’t looking right now but want to see the best opportunities that are out there. That’s why you want to be connected to OSI Engineering.

When we get connected, you will have access to:

Experts who are actually interested in your career

Updates on roles that best suit your talents

A pipeline to exisiting and new peers

A first look at some of the most exciting opportunities in your field

“OSI helped me to find my dream job. They listen to what I want to do, understand my technical skills, and recommend excellent companies and career paths. OSI has incredible recruiters.”

– R. Davidson, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer — Google

Beyond Staffing. We’re Your Partner for the Future.

You have talent. You have goals. You have the skills it takes to make a difference, whether that’s full-time, contract, or anything else.

Now, you have a partner who looks beyond your resume. You have a recruiting expert in the engineering industry. We know your name and know how to get you the work you deserve.

The companies that are building the future are looking for people like you. We’re committed to making sure they find you.

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“OSI’s recruiting experience was invaluable in improving my interviewing skills. I highly recommend OSI for its network, responsiveness, and ability to navigate my career search.”

– S. Gain, Senior Fullstack Engineer — Apple

Experts in the Job Market.

Dedicated to Driving Tomorrow’s Engineering Innovations.

We understand technology and engineering. We understand you. Let’s talk about making the connections that matter.

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