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17 Traits to Look for When Hiring for Specialized Tech Jobs

17 Traits to Look for When Hiring for Specialized Tech Jobs

Hiring in today’s job market is a challenge—and that’s especially true when it comes to hiring for specialized tech jobs. You want the very best candidate who not only possesses all the job skills required for the position but who also fits into your company culture.

This blog explores traits to look for when hiring for specialized roles within your technology team. From curiosity to people skills, these are the characteristics you’ll want to look for in a top tech recruit.

 1) Outstanding technical skills

First and foremost, a candidate must have high-level technical skills built on a solid foundation of computer science, systems, and/or coding. They may have learned this at a university or a Bootcamp, or they can even be self-taught.

 2) Willingness to learn 

Top tech talent knows that their current knowledge and skills can only go so far in the ever-evolving field of technology. Something they use daily right now might be obsolete in two years’ time. That’s why you should look to fill technology jobs with candidates who are excited to learn and committed to ongoing education.

 3) Curiosity

Technology is an innovative field, and to help drive innovation in your company, employees in tech roles need to have a curious mind. An individual with a curious mind will always keep learning and ask the right questions to gain more insights.

 4) Problem-solving skills

Tech roles heavily rely on problem-solving skills to invent new ways of doing things. The best candidates rise to a challenge and work until they find an appropriate solution.

  5) Passion 

If you want high-performing talent, you need someone who’s driven by passion. That can be a passion for technology, passion for your specific niche, and innovation, you name it—so long as it motivates them to perform at their best.

  6) People skills

People in tech jobs almost always work in teams, so it’s vital that they can interact successfully with others. In addition to their own team, they may also work with the wider business, which may include people from very different backgrounds. Emotional and social intelligence, the capacity to listen, and the ability to collaborate with others is very important. A “brilliant jerk” might be really good at what they do, but if they’re a nightmare to work with, it will impact morale and potentially even productivity.

  7) Communication skills 

Communication skills are increasingly important in tech roles, particularly with more companies allowing remote work. Solid communication skills prevent misunderstandings and are critical to effective teamwork. This is even more important for any engineers or other talent who regularly work with other teams in the business.

  8) Ambition

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need talent with ambition. They have to want to exceed expectations, deliver results, and help drive the company forward. 

  9) Nimbleness

Nimbleness is a key trait for successful tech talent. They need to be willing to handle everything that comes their way, think on their feet, and set a course of action according to the demands of the situation.

10) The ability to see the bigger picture

Individuals who understand their role in the bigger picture are invaluable. They also need to understand the value of the product or service they’re working on in relation to its use. This will help them appreciate customers’ challenges and empower them to find solutions.

 11) The willingness to adapt to cultural needs

Every organization has its own unique culture. And many companies invest considerable resources in shaping that culture to be collaborative, inspiring, and innovative. That’s why you should look for candidates for tech jobs who are willing to “do as we do” to build rapport and team spirit.

 12) Integrity

A tech worker who possesses integrity will be a better collaborator, team member, and learner. They give credit where credit is due, and they help others achieve their objectives so the team can better reach its overall goals. Additionally, they understand they don’t have all the answers, so they’re more willing to go looking for them.

 13) Speed and agility

The tech world moves at a rapid pace. As such, top tech talent must believe inherently that change is the new norm—and that they must be smart enough and adaptable enough to not only keep up but also to help drive change.

 14) Creativity

Although few people consider technology jobs creative, top tech talent actually needs to be very creative to solve the challenges they encounter in their daily work.

 15) Perseverance

Once a company starts a project, it’s invested too many resources in that project to abandon it. That’s why you need to look for candidates who aren’t afraid to sink their teeth into something and stay at it until it’s completed.

 16) The willingness to take risks

Innovation hinges on risk-taking. Top tech talent thinks outside of the box, and they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and suggest new ideas to help the company advance.

 17) Hard-working

Top tech candidates enjoy working hard and seeing the fruits of their labor.

High-performing employees in tech jobs are driven by their passion, curiosity, and desire to succeed. And when you can harness that energy for your business, it can result in a considerable return on your investment. 

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