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How a global FinTech company exceeded its headcount goals by outsourcing its recruitment to OSI

How a global FinTech company exceeded its headcount goals by outsourcing its recruitment to OSI

Project Scope

A global FinTech company with many high stakes recruitment needs

The company offers a comprehensive suite of personal finance tools. They rely on the latest technology and tools to build high-quality applications that helps millions of users. Their personal finance and money management software allows customers to manage spending, create monthly budgets, track investments, retirement and more.

Aggressive headcount goals

The company had aggressive headcount goals for their upcoming fiscal year and outsourcing their recruiting was the best alternative.

Hiring for multiple departments

Their hiring roadmap spanned across multiple departments, all requiring a deep understanding of the technical requirements and culture of the company.

Critical positions to fill

The company required a strategic staffing partner that could manage a variety of critical positions, a high volume of candidates, and experience in scaling teams quickly and efficiently.

Our Approach

OSI at the helm as their Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner

We introduced new recruiting strategies, streamlined their interviewing processes, and implemented our RPO methods to attract and quickly secure quality talent.

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Assessed internal recruiting processes

After assessing all the existing internal recruiting processes, we advised the executive team on how to implement changes to enhance the existing process.

Built relationships across key departments

We took the time to get to know each department and understand the team environment to ensure that  candidates met their requirements as well as fit the team and company culture.

Built the hiring roadmap

We partnered with the Head of Human Resources, CTO, and CFO to build a hiring roadmap to guide the recruitment process and to create organizational alignment.

Deployed the RPO

We created detailed job descriptions, managed job postings, conducted in-depth discussions with stakeholders, managed multiple sourcing funnels, scheduled interviews, presented offers, and conducted onboarding.

Built candidate rapport

As an RPO partner, we ensure that the candidate’s experience throughout the entire interview process is a success.

Reported on key metrics

We provided weekly recruiting metrics to the company’s executive team to get a full view of the current candidate pipeline and hiring data.

“The post-pandemic climate created an unprecedented employment landscape. OSI helped us successfully navigate through the “Great Reshuffle”. They’d been a trusted resource, and their RPO model provided a straightforward, less costly approach to supplement our recruitment resources. 

We were confident that OSI had the technological experience to bring us highly skilled candidates in a competitive labor market, and they followed through.”

– Tiffany Snyder, Head of Human Resources — Quicken

The Results

Results of RPO partnership with OSI

See how our outsourcing partnership improved a FinTech company’s business and recruiting outcomes.

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With OSI handling the recruitment, the company drastically reduced the time to fill positions by 50%


With OSI’s talented candidate pool, the company improved their offer acceptance rate by 40%


In the first year of the RPO partnership, OSI increased placements by 25% over the previous year across multiple departments including Software, Cloud, Mobile, QA, and Marketing

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