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How an autonomous vehicle company with specialized recruitment needs met its requirements by outsourcing its technology workforce solutions to OSI

How an autonomous vehicle company with specialized recruitment needs met its requirements by outsourcing its technology workforce solutions to OSI

Project Scope

An autonomous vehicle software company with specialized talent recruitment needs

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Argo Al is an autonomous vehicle (AV) technology company co-founded by Google and Uber’s automated driving program. The company specialized in developing software, hardware, maps, and cloud infrastructure for powering self-driving vehicles.

Top-tier subject matter experts

The company was in need of filling critical technical positions to support ongoing Autonomous Vehicle innovation

Recruitment process

Hired and onboarded key talent in a timely manner for several high priority development projects

Recruitment strategy

Personalized the recruitment experience to ensure candidates were set up for success and aligned with company expectations.

Our Approach

OSI at the helm as their Technology Workforce Solutions Partner:

We fostered connections across participating departments, creating a personalized candidate experience, while also delivering ongoing updates on hiring metrics.

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Assessed internal recruiting processes

After assessing all existing internal recruiting processes, we advised stakeholders on how to streamline the existing interview process to retain key candidates.

Established key relationships across critical departments

We embedded ourselves the team’s process and environment to ensure that candidates met key technical requisites.

Collaborated on the hiring roadmap

We partnered with HR stakeholders to build a hiring roadmap to guide the recruitment process and to create organizational alignment.

Built personal connection with potential candidates

We ensured that the candidate’s experience throughout the entire interview-to-hire process was set-up for success.

Deployed our Strategic Partnership

We created detailed job descriptions, managed postings, conducted in-depth screenings, managed multiple sourcing funnels, processed offers, and onboarding.

Provided updates on continuous key metrics

We provided continuous recruiting updates to stakeholders to provide a full view of the current candidate pipeline and hiring landscape.

“Our partnership with OSI has revolutionized our recruitment process, meeting our critical staffing needs with top-tier candidates. OSI’s professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency have significantly streamlined our hiring procedures.”

– Director of Talent Acquisition, Global Automotive Manufacturer

The Results

The Results of Workforce Solutions Partnership with OSI:

Our technical expertise in autonomous vehicle technology delivered highly specialized talent and desired technology and business outcomes.


With OSI’s RPO partnership, the company’s offer acceptance rate went from 25% to over 95%.


With OSI handling the recruitment, this company drastically reduced the time to fill positions by 60%.


OSI has been the goto recruitment partner for this organization for over 3 years.

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