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Major U.S. Utilities Company Tackles Safety and Power Management Issues with OSI’s Workforce Solutions

<h1>Major U.S. Utilities Company Tackles Safety and Power Management Issues with OSI's Workforce Solutions</h1>

Project Scope

A major utilities company with critical workforce needs

As one of the largest utility companies in the United States, the company provides transmission and distribution of energy to homes and businesses as well as provides natural gas and electric power service to approximately 16 million customers throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California.

Power outages and duration

The company needed to reduce power outages and their duration across its expansive grid by updating powerline safety settings.

Public safety at risk

Required better management of power shutoffs to ensure public safety.

Wildfire prevention

Needed to minimize the risk of wildfires and their destructive impact.

Our Approach

OSI at the Helm of Improving Technology and Utility Inspection Programs and Solutions:

We deployed Subject Matter Experts to improve technology that enabled the accurate and timely creation of new processes and standards to inspect and document their utility assets via aerial inspection.

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Assessed workforce resource requirements

We collaborated with key stakeholders to understand the projects overall requirements and provided guidance on the necessary expertise and skillsets required.

Built relationships with departments

We assessed each department to determine the right resources required that aligned with the project’s scope of work.

Designed the hiring roadmap

We partnered and collaborated with executives and key stakeholders to guide the recruitment process and achieve organizational alignment.

Deployed the workforce

Thoroughly screened and evaluated an expert team of utility specialists. Provided training and upskilling to minimize ramp up time and ensure quick engagement and delivery of outcomes.

Report of key metrics

Provided ongoing metrics of hiring data and performance reviews to monitor the meeting of core responsibilities and workforce outcomes.

Built workforce & client partnership

Built workforce & client partnership to provide training and effective quality management.

“Creating from scratch a Distribution Aerial Inspection team for PG&E would not have been possible without OSI’s dedicated team of highly skilled leaders, inspectors and analysts.”

– Brian McFaden, Project Lead, Aerial Inspections — OSI Engineering

The Results

The Results of Workforce Solutions Partnership with OSI

See how our technical expertise delivered on our promise to improve recruitment outcomes.


With OSI’s RPO partnership, the company’s offer acceptance rate went from 20% to over 95%


With OSI handling the recruitment, this company drastically reduced the time to fill positions by 60%


OSI has been the go to recruitment partner for this organization for over 5 years

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