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Why You Need Engineering Employment Services

Why You Need Engineering Employment Services

Do you need engineering employment services? Engineering recruitment can be a difficult and time-consuming process, as it is an extremely competitive industry with thousands of firms vying over only a few hundred thousand qualified workers in each year. In addition, engineering recruitment is a costly business, but those needing to fill a position within their organization can turn it into a profitable business by using engineering employment services to their advantage. So if you are struggling to find an engineer for your company’s special project, you might be considering outsourcing to an engineering employment service like OSI Engineering.

Technical engineering recruiters like OSI Engineering must be well connected with their local and national databases and know which companies are hiring and where new jobs will come from. We have the knowledge, engineering experience and networking skills required to fill jobs. Additionally, we are well connected to the engineering network and know which engineering firms are hiring and where new engineering jobs will come from. OSI Engineering act as head-hunters for engineering jobs, meaning we scour the market looking for candidates who can fill a given job opening. Read on to learn the recruiting and hiring process and why hiring an engineering recruiter like OSI Engineering is the smart choice for your business needs.

How Does the Recruitment Process Work?

The actual job placement process typically begins when the engineering recruiter receives an Engineering Employment Request from a company, typically from a Chief Technical Officer. The Engineering Employment Request generally contains key details of the engineering job opening such as job title, description, location, and salary expectations. If after reviewing the Engineering Employment Request, the engineering recruiter decides that they can help to fill it then they will proceed by checking their database of candidates. Candidates should take this opportunity to highlight their achievements so far and why they would be a good fit for the role in question. Many engineering recruitment agencies also offer an interview assistance service in which they set up interview practice sessions with senior engineers. During these interview preparation sessions, candidates learn how to give interviews through role play scenarios.

Why are Engineering Employment Services Worth It?

You may be wondering why companies would go through all this bother just to hire one or two employees. In today’s market, businesses are complaining about the ever-increasing costs of employing new staff. This is being driven by a number of factors such as: increasing labor costs due to legislation and set pay rates; the large numbers of graduates entering the market with no experience or relevant skill sets; the amount of time involved in the hiring process; and the cost of advertising, recruiter fees and interview costs. The solution to these problems is to outsource your recruitment needs to OSI Engineering. We will be able to save you time in the hiring process by pre-screening candidates, narrowing down the candidate numbers and preparing the candidates for interview.

Recruiters are Coaches, Too!

Besides creating engineering job openings, engineering recruiters also help companies retain engineering employees by acting as coaches who provide feedback on how they could be promoted within the firm. Engineers are also encouraged to seek engineering recruiters if they want to leave their current company for another business. This is because engineering recruitment agencies know how much engineering talent costs to train and can use that information to negotiate with those looking for a work change. Good engineering recruiters should always try to keep lines of communication open with both the candidates and employers in order to ensure that all parties get the best possible deal.

Business owners or CTOs have their hands full managing daily operations and employee issues. Many think when they have a position open, they can search for new employees themselves online and put out ads on job boards. They think that because they have an open position available that this will attract hundreds of candidates, but the reality is it brings in very few and they lose all that time trying to screen themselves when they could have someone else do it for them. Companies like OSI Engineering make a living doing this every day. We know how to screen candidates so you don’t end up with dozens of resumes. And we will help you wade through the piles and find several great candidates for each position.

Matching Skills and Experience

A good engineering recruiting agency will always try to put its engineering clients in contact with companies which match the client’s skills and experience, as well as engineers who share their outlook on the future of the industry. This is why a lot of engineering recruiters work only with engineering professionals who have pre-selected by their employers or by themselves. It may seem like an impossible task to assist all these different candidates during the employment process, but if you look closer it is much easier. Your engineering recruiter usually deals with two parties: the candidate who supplies a qualified job application, resume, and cover letter, and the company that seeks employees with different skills, knowledge, and experience.

Engineering recruiters can easily find contractors who are local to the area they’re looking in. Another major benefit of working with a professional recruiter is that they will provide you with detailed information about what type of engineer best matches your preferences in terms of financial compensation, employment future, and company culture.

Call for Engineering Employment Services

If you’re looking for Engineering Employment Services, you’re in luck. At OSI Engineering, we have the professionals you need to run every aspect of your IT. Our Engineering Employment Service professionals are unmatched and uniquely qualified to help you achieve what you need.

Contact us today by phone 408-550-2800 or online. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about how we can best serve your needs. We can help you to find the perfect match for your needs – so that you can create whatever it is you desire.