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Aerospace Engineering Technician in Southern CA

Industry: Aerospace/ Hybrid eVTOL
Contract : Yes
Direct Hire: No
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Southern, CA
Telecommute: No
Salary/Wage: 30.00 To $50.00 Per Hour
Travel Required: N/A
Job Description:
Aerospace Engineering Technician in Southern California


A global automotive company is on a mission to revolutionize freedom of mobility by building the next generation of innovative and creative teams to serve people with the “joy of expanding their life’s potential.” We are looking for an Aerospace Engineering Technician to explore new frontiers. You will help install, maintain, and repair mechanical systems on aircrafts.


Installs, Inspects, tests, adjusts, and repairs mechanical equipment, such as flight control, electrical system, high-voltage electrical system, landing gear, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, and engine systems etc., installed in aircraft, using hand tools and test equipment.
Inspects the function of mechanical equipment for defects, such as loose connections and wire tensions, and accuracy of assembly and installation.
Tests mechanical equipment under simulated or actual operating conditions to determine performance and airworthiness, using test equipment, such as electrical test stand, hydraulic test stand, pressurization test stand, tension meters and bore scope etc.
Adjusts, replaces, or repairs defective components based on analysis of function test results, following blueprints, schematics, handbooks, and other technical documents.
Responsible for mechanical repair and modification.
Perform ground operation for Flight Test.
Maintains record for all work.

Required Skillset:

Strong experience as an engineering technician.
Previous experience working in the aerospace industry.
Experience with flight operation support required.
Experience with aircraft repair or modification required.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to understand wiring drawings.
Previous experience with fabrication and blueprint design.
Previous working experience in an R&D Environment.
Strong skills in mechanical and airframe and power plant technical support including installation, repair, and fabrication support.
Strong interpersonal skills and judgment in mechanical repair and fabrication situations and in addressing engineers and their design and modification needs.
Strong knowledge of glass cockpit mechanical systems; troubleshooting; ringing out; wiring diagrams; wiring needs; and wiring practices, mods, and terminations.
Hands on experience with aircrafts required.
Ability to interface with internal engineering support and outside suppliers and vendors and project a good professional image.
Must have good prioritizing skills and strong team skills.
Must be willing to travel as needed and be able to be flexible and change direction rapidly as situations change.
Flexibility to various schedules and overtime.
High School Diploma or equivalent.

Physical Requirements:

Incumbents may be routinely exposed to equipment operational noise heat-cold-dust, and/or aircraft equipment, parts, or fuel odors.
Incumbents may be required to stand, sit, squat, walk, bend, climb ladders, move, reach, or stretch for prolonged periods with no restrictions, as required by job duties.
Work safely and professionally while adhering to all regulatory requirements (FAA, OSHA, DOT, EPA, State, and Federal regulations, etc.).
Read, hear, speak, and see with no restrictions, as required by job duties.
Comprehend and adhere to management directions and/or safety instructions with no restrictions.
Effectively communicate in Business English language.
Pull, push, carry, lift, or move items up to 10 lbs. throughout the work shift without assistance, as required by job duties.
Pull, push, carry, lift, or move materials/people/items/equipment weighing up to 50lbs or more during the work shift, with the use of Company provided “reach assistance technology” or “movement assist technology” (fork-lifts, pallet jacks, pulleys, dolly’s, robotics reach equipment, people movers etc.), as required by job duties.
Ability to work in tight space, high place, and outside environment.

Bonus Skillset:

A&P License strongly preferred.

Location: Southern California

Type: Contingent (1-2 year+ assignment)

Owen Williamson
408.550.2800 x127

Contact Information:

Owen Williamson
408.550.2800 x127