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EWIS Principal Lead Engineer for Hybrid eVTOL in Southern California

Industry: Aerospace/ Hybrid eVTOL
Contract : No
Direct Hire: Yes
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Southern, CA
Telecommute: No
Salary/Wage: 180,000 To $220,000 Per Year
Travel Required: Up to 20% to visit suppliers, support systems installation and tests.
Job Description:
(EWIS) Principal Lead Engineer for Hybrid eVTOL in Southern California.


Join one of the world’s leading innovation teams, developing an R&D hybrid eVTOL project in Southern California as the Electric Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) Principal/Lead Engineer. As the Electric Wiring Interconnect System (EWIs) Principal/Lead Engineer, you will be responsible for all activities related to the system development such as an electrical hardware definition (connector, cables etc.), wiring routing, support zonal analysis and systems installation, support electrical diagrams design and grounding scheme.


Design for development tasks will be 80% of this role and the remaining 20% will be design for certification.
Responsible for all wire, wiring device, or combination, including termination devices, installed in any area of the airplane for the purpose of transmitting electrical energy, including data and signals, between two or more intended termination points.
Responsible for the design, research, and development of advanced new electric hardware technology application for eVTOL program.
Responsible for wire and main power cables installation, minimizing the risk of wire damage.
Create/validate the installation standards for wire/cable installation.
Understand the philosophies behind the Zonal Analysis Procedure and interact with physical installation. (e.g.: Fire zone, fuel tank, etc.).
Responsible for systems requirements and certification reports (i.e.: System Description report, Harness Installation Inspection report, etc.).
Knowledge of FAR EWIS Certification.
Finding Compliance with 14 CFR Part 25, Subpart H, Sections 25.1701 through 25.1733.
Understand the regulatory expectations to deliver the initial Certification Plan and Report Approval.
Capable to discuss Certification approach and Means of Compliance with Certification Authority.
Understand the broad technical aspects of aircraft EWIS inspection.


10+ years of deep, hands-on experience in EWIS development, design, and testing in a Military, Commercial, or business aircraft development programs.
10+ years of demonstrated experience specific to electrical hardware, cables, wiring and associated technologies and managing system suppliers as the technical point of contact.
In-depth and current knowledge of Part 25 regulatory requirements, Subpart H, Sections 25.1701 through 25.1733.
Ability to read, understand, and interpret the results of engineering analyses.
A Bachelor’s Degree of Electrical Engineering.
Flexibility to travel 20% of the time to visit suppliers, support system installation and tests.

Bonus Requirements:

Experience and expertise in eVTOL (electrical vertical takeoff and landing) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) highly preferred.
Master degree in a technical and/or management specialty related to EWIS preferred.

Type: Fulltime
Location: Southern/ Central California (Onsite requirement and relocation assistance is available for those outside the immediate area.)
Travel: Up to 20% to visit suppliers, support systems installation and tests.

Owen Williamson
408.550.2800 x127

Contact Information:

Owen Williamson
408.550.2800 x127