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Aircraft Systems Integration & Test Principal Engineer for Hybrid eVTOL in Southern CA

Industry: Aerospace/ Hybrid eVTOL
Contract : No
Direct Hire: Yes
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Southern, CA
Telecommute: No
Salary/Wage: 180,000 To $225,000 Per Year
Travel Required: N/A
Job Description:
Aircraft Systems Integration & Test Principal Engineer for Hybrid eVTOL in Southern California, CA

Join one of the worlds leading innovation teams with a globally known automotive company that is on a mission to revolutionize freedom of mobility. We are looking for an Aircraft Systems Integration and Test Principal Engineer that has previous test experience working hands on in a lab running tests, that also has a familiarity with aircraft systems. You will be responsible for the successful integration of test assets and act as a liaison to ensure the development schedule is progressing. You will create test and procedures that will contribute to the scaling and success of the project with minimal supervision. Ideal candidates work well on a dynamic team and independently due to creating tests plans and procedures from scratch.
Candidate must know how to operate test equipment: multimeters, scopes, or other lab equipment.

During your first 6 months to a year, think about walking into an empty lab: assist with leading the development of the lab, your responsibilities include creating procedures and assisting with high-level test plans, work hands on in the lab operating test equipment, creating test plans and procedures from scratch.
Become familiar with the system, how to test the system and then as equipment is added to the lab, begin hands on testing. During initial ramp up, you will also have the opportunity to assist with other innovative developing scale prototypes for other projects.
Conduct the successful integration of test assets including vehicle management, avionics sensors, ground control station, and other electro-mechanical systems.
Draft test plans and oversee vehicle management systems test execution in lab, ground, and flight environments.
Support drafting both inter and intra-system interface control documents.
Develop systems integration and test requirements to support successful completion of test objectives.
Serve as an integration and test technical liaison between sub-contractors and design engineering to improve communication and ensure development schedule is kept on track.

Required Skillset:
5-10+ years of experience with a strong background in several of the following areas: aviation, avionics, fly by wire, vehicle management systems, aircraft electrical systems, aircraft software development, or digital powerplant controls.
Experience with tools: Matlab, Labview, Simulink or other equivalent tool for creation of test simulations and data acquisition
Hands-on experience building integrated aircraft systems, terminating wire, and specifying tools and/ or equipment in an R&D test environment.
High fluency and experience in testing.
Requires hands-on work in the lab which can include running tests for the success of the project.
Must know how to operate simple test equipment.
Experience creating test plans and procedures.
Strong background in testing and integration.
BS in Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent
Experience in a product development environment.

Bonus Skillset:
Experience with Python, Matlab, C++ or equivalent programming language for test software creation
Integrated system simulation experience, and introduction of production hardware in the loop
Production and R&D test environment experience

Location: Southern, CA (Relocation assistance available for fulltime candidates, outside the immediate area.)
Work Style: Remote work available during first 1-3 months however relocation will be required to work hands on with the prototypes.

Damion Contreras
408.550.2800 x123

Contact Information:

Damion Contreras
408.550.2800 x123