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Engineering Gatekeeper, Distribution Line Inspection Review Specialist

Industry: Utilities
Contract : Yes
Direct Hire: No
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Remote Work in the U.S.
Telecommute: Yes
Salary/Wage: 55 To $70 Per Hour
Travel Required: None.
Job Description:
Engineering Gatekeeper, Distribution Line Inspection Review Specialist

Job Description:
The Engineer in this role will examine images of wood and steel poles.

The primary duties include:
• Identifying and prioritizing damage according to California Utility standards.
• Leveraging previous experience in electrical utilities to minimize training time and accurately identify damage or potentially hazardous situations.
• Collaborating with team members from diverse backgrounds, taking feedback, and adjusting work as needed.
• Working exclusively on a computer interface designed to improve usability.

The ideal candidate will have:
• 2 years of experience and a college degree in any of the following areas:
• Design Engineer
• System Engineer
• Transmission Electrical Engineer
• Transmission Civil Engineer
• Field Engineer
• Standards Engineer
• Project Engineer
• Intermediate experience with computers and proficiency in Windows Explorer, Office 365, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
• The ability to learn and adapt to changing standards.
• Excellent communication on video and written
• A willingness to accept correction and guidance.
• Previous experience in the Utility industry is preferred.

Contact Information:

Tony Do
408.550.2800 x115