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Automobile Development

The evolution of transportation. The next generation of talent.

Automobile Development

You Innovate and Engineer Automobile Development. We’ll Deliver The Talent You Need.

At OSI, we are dedicated to propel innovations that will make our lives better. The Automotive Industry has evolved dramatically, developing and advancing electric and driverless vehicles. Making them safer, cleaner and smarter.

At OSI, our background is in engineering, and we have deep expertise in Automobile Development. Our work in the transportation industry, allows us to understand the talent you need to get started right away. What does that mean?

You demand the best talent for your project. Our expertise ensures you get them.

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Leaders in the Automotive Industry

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Experts at All Technology Levels

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Experienced, Trained & Vetted

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Minimal Onboarding & Ramp-up Needed

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Ready to Make an Impact & Prepared to Succeed

“OSI is my go-to recruiting firm. They have found numerous qualified candidates in a very competitive market and are always up to the challenge.

OSI works diligently to provide timely access to qualified, pre-screened candidates that are prepared and ready to deliver.”

– Senior Software Development Manager — Honda

Areas of Speciality

With an extensive background in Automobile Development, we can bring you the talent for cutting-edge projects with a variety of hyper-specific niches.

  • Automotive software platforms and systems development
  • Embedded Software Systems
  • Infotainment Development
  • Automotive Application Development
  • Camera and Sensor Development
  • Computer Vision, Image Processing, and Machine Learning
  • Speech Recognition and Human Simulation
  • Navigation System Development
    Vehicle CAN bus protocol development
  • Power Systems and Electronics

The OSI Method: Finding The Best Talent in Automobile Development

Automobile development never stays in the same place. We’ll find your talent anywhere.

Our commitment to diversity is not a slogan: it’s in our DNA. It’s how we recruit and build relationships with the best talent from around the world. We know that expertise comes from everywhere, and deliver it from anywhere.

Recruit smart. Be stronger. Build faster. That’s the OSI Method.

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Want to Work On The Most Exciting Projects in Automobile Development?

Driven to change the automotive industry? Looking to work at some of the most exciting and innovative Automotive companies in the field? Then we’re looking for you.

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You’ve Got the Vision. We’ve Got the Talent. Let’s Roll.

You’re ready to change the industry and are looking for the talent to bring your vision to life. We have the best innovation resources in the world. Let’s talk about what OSI can do for you.

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