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eVTOL Development

The evolution of eVTOL Development. The next generation of talent.

eVTOL Development

You Revolutionize and Engineer the Future of Mobility. We Deliver the Workplace Solutions You Need.

With an extensive background in eVTOL Development, OSI will partner with your R&D teams to bring the world’s top talent, allowing you to focus on developing cutting-edge aviation technologies.

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“OSI is my go-to recruiting firm. They have found numerous qualified candidates in a very competitive market and are always up to the challenge. OSI works diligently to provide timely access to qualified, pre-screened candidates that are prepared and ready to deliver.”

– Senior Software Development Manager — Honda

Areas of Speciality

With an extensive background in eVTOL Development, we can bring you the talent for cutting-edge projects with a variety of hyper-specific niches.

  • Vehicle Management Systems

  • Power Supply, Battery, and Propulsion Systems

  • Fly-by-Wire

  • Flight Control System

  • Navigation and Guidance System

  • Thermal Management System

  • Communication System

  • Safety Systems

  • Model Based Development

  • Airframe Structure

  • Aircraft Maintenance

  • Avionics, Cockpit, and Trade Compliance

The OSI Method: Finding The Best Talent in eVTOL Development

The future of mobility evolves every day with the creation of eVTOL projects, leading to a permanent foothold in this new future of transportation. As your strategic partner, OSI will provide you with an elite workforce to ensure compliance is maintained, FAA regulations are followed, and the project thrives regardless of ongoing development turbulence.

At OSI, our background is in engineering, with deep expertise in eVTOL R&D development. We offer a personalized, strategic approach for all your talent needs. We identify top-tier candidates that possess in-depth skills, and an understanding of, system division, including Fly-By-Wire, Flight Control System, Model-Based Development, vehicle dynamics and control, avionics, cockpit, trade compliance and more.

Recruit smart. Be stronger. Build faster. That’s the OSI Method.

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