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4 Advantages of Engineers Hiring Engineers

4 Advantages of Engineers Hiring Engineers

Engineers today are in high demand. If you are looking for the right engineer to add to your team, you need to set yourself apart. You need to differentiate your company as a whole, which might also mean rethinking your entire hiring strategy. Having an engineering recruitment firm that specializes in connecting great companies to great talent might be the perfect starting point for your business.

At OSI Engineering, we understand that both candidates and companies are looking for the right fit. In most cases, each stakeholder wants a relationship that will last for years to come. They want to find value and mutual benefit. OSI Engineering understands and fully embraces these goals, in large part because we are engineers ourselves. Who better to hire an engineer than another engineer?

1) Engineers Know the Market.

The technology market evolves every day. That means that needs change rapidly, and engineering recruiting must often shift from year to year. At OSI Engineering, we have our fingers on the pulse of the market and current labor statistics.

When talent turns to OSI for help, we can let them know what their most marketable skills are based on current market demand and their desired career path. We can also point out weaknesses that need to be addressed long before a candidate makes contact with an employer when discussing career options.

When an employer wants to build an engineering team to take their innovations to the next level, OSI is here for them. We can suggest skills, experience, or training that will help employers accomplish long-term goals. Whether you need an embedded software engineer or a full-stack engineer, we can help with these career opportunities.

Many employers have a general direction they want to go, but they are not always sure what kind of team will help them get there. We can evaluate project needs and suggest specific characteristics that they may want to add to their team to make their project come to life. Ultimately, having the right skill set in one room will allow companies to thrive for years to come.

2) Engineers Understand Employer Needs.

Our team has a business focus. We want to match the right engineer with the right company. We cut to the chase because we know that every company has a budget and a timeline to get the right people in the right projects. Engineers are similar-they often have salary and benefits packages in mind, and they have a timetable. Our team finds the right fit to marry everyone’s needs together – whether they’re just beginning their engineering career or are 10 years in.

OSI Engineering is more than a recruiting company or engineering staffing agency; we are a business partner. We take the time to fully understand the goals of both the employer and the employee. We pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to recruiting and hiring needs. Sometimes a little creativity to meet a specific need can go a long way.

3) Engineers Can Think as Big as You Do.

The engineering world looks very different today than it did even ten years ago. Employers and engineers are a lot more flexible about how, when, and where work gets done. Companies might be searching across the globe for an engineer who wants to work remotely on specific projects.

Innovation no longer has to come from sitting around a boardroom table-it can arise through collaboration that stretches around the world. In fact, if employers do it right, remote work might be even better for innovation compared to working together in person.

OSI Engineering understands scaling and global projects. When you are ready to get creative and flexible about where and when your team works, we can help with that. As an employer, you might be surprised where you find the next perfect fit for your team.

Whether you want an entire global team or you are searching for a contract engineer for a one-off project, OSI Engineering can help.

4) Engineers Know Great Talent When They See It.

At OSI Engineering, we regularly reach out to currently employed or contracted engineers to see if they are open to new opportunities. The people we target have outstanding experience, knowledge, and education.

Once we start the conversation with potential recruits, we start our own evaluation process. We screen talent, so companies have an extra layer of evaluation before a candidate’s name ever passes their desk.

We are engineers. We know good companies and good people when we see it. Other recruiters might see a school or company name, but we know the value behind those names.

Spotting good experience for a specific position takes a level of knowledge and training that most recruiting companies simply do not have-but we do because we know the ins and outs of the engineering world.

This is a huge added value to our employer clients, but it also helps our employee clients as well. We know what candidates are offering to a prospective employer, and we are not going to suggest a relationship that ultimately will not be a good match.

At OSI Engineering, our business model is built on efficiency. We evaluate candidates and positions in depth to find the right matches and get the right relationships started quickly. We know the bottom-line matters, and your time is extremely valuable. You do not need to teach us what kind of skills or knowledge you need-we already know, and we will put that knowledge to work for you.

The candidates we provide to employers already go through an extensive vetting process. That way, employers can review candidates that meet certain qualifications more in-depth. For instance, an employer can choose among several options based on “soft skills” because the employer knows that the candidate already meets all the hard requirements. Getting this more in-depth review will help a company build a better team.


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